Washing the village

Address: Washing village
Consumption: 50

The wolf was unemployed during this time, and he was ashamed of it, but he was single, and his desire was difficult. He listened to the group of wolves who said that there were more sisters in the village. The day before yesterday, they ran from Baiyun New City and verified it once. Arrived at the village station, with a nervous and excited mood, into the world of flowers and flowers, but fortunately, without much trouble, into the zj gathering place, at first glance, all the big breasts of white flowers, basically very old The face is smeared with cheap rouge, holding the mentality of the coming, and the wolf picks up a 40-year-old tall mature woman, the price is 50, telling the truth, the environment is too bad, follow the mature woman to enter The room, it feels like a thief, the room is small, it is very stuffy, the smell is unpleasant, pay the money first, but it is too nervous, the wolf does not even raise it, it takes a lot of effort to enter, It’s too loose, it’s also nervous, two minutes delivery, leaving, and when I go out, I see two little punks squinting my hair, I don’t know if it’s a chicken head, I feel like a fire. OK, don't expect any service. .