Car Bei Muzu shop new goods punctual!

Address: Shuangshe Street

Everyone in the car is very familiar, this point is also a long-term bubble point. The address is in Shuangshe Street, which is characterized by the need for two footsteps in the foot shop, the door is a supermarket, and next door is also ready to open a new supermarket.

The day before yesterday, I found new targets. The bare feet are around 165, and the back is very beautiful. The chest is not big, B- is almost full but full. The skin is darker but the skin tone is more even. The makeup on the face is thicker, but the face value is not bad. The most important thing is that it belongs to the sea just after, and after 90, it is whispered. Going to LY said that looking for Xiaodie would be fine.

This point is now about 4-5 MMs from 2-3 pm, and two of them have been staying for almost a year. No mature women, the overall is not bad.

XianCun Village Bag Hip skirt ZJ Female, no set of internal shots to get ZJ female orgasm (with specific location), send a high face value ZJ female phone
Address: Tianhe Village
Consumption: 60-80

  Been to the village three or four times! LY, who has been listening to the forum, said that there is a relatively good package of hip skirt ZJ female in the village. I have not found it several times before! This time it should be met! Not too sure! Let me talk about her approximate location. In fact, it is the alley where ZJ women often move. She usually just went in there, and there are many other ZJ girls around! If you don't touch it, it is estimated that there is business. LY can wait a dozen minutes to see it! She usually wears a white bag hip skirt, which is characterized by a large wave, which should be considered better! This female price is not bad, the general ZJ female is not willing to change posture, the top is not off! The hip skirt is very conscious. When you enter the room, you will pick up the door and the bra will be taken off! The tits are really big, just a little drooping, but still quite tempting! The posture can be changed, I am also very happy to let her change into her, other postures should be OK ~ the price is about 70! Her forcedness is still relatively tight, 70 oceans once the price is still good! The alley marked by the blue arrow in the third picture

 In addition, there are some street women who can shoot without a set! Usually plus 60 oceans! The little wolf tried to do it for 17 minutes before, and the ZJ girl let me add 60 directly without a shot! The most embarrassing thing is that BL has brought the ZJ female directly to the climax. It should not be installed. It is obvious that the vagina shrinks and the water flows to the bed! Health is indeed a big risk! But this is observable! Before you look at the female girl's forced clean, whether there is a foreign body! Then I said that when she had no set, she took out the wet tissue with alcohol and wiped my little brother! Imagine if the ZJ woman who is sick is generally not concerned about these, it must be that she is not sick, so that LY will pay attention to hygiene, so BL thought about it or no shot inside! The location of this ZJ woman is in another alley, the alley of the old people's home! Usually also standing in the position just entered! If you are afraid of making a mistake, in fact, you can directly ask if you can shoot without a set before, and the fare increase of 60 is definitely her! The alley in the direction of the red arrow in the third picture!

  Another ZJ girl, the wolf tried before, after the makeup value is OK, she has been on her three or four times, cooked her phone: 18608683108! It is estimated that she can go out and pack the night a few times, specifically to see the skills of the wolf friends!

  Finally, I would like to remind you that the village is very tight recently! I went there that day, and when I finished it, I saw a few strips sitting in the courtyard that stood out from the alley! But did not go in to catch people! But it feels quite dangerous! Listening to ZJ women said that the strips will occasionally be plain clothes, disguised as hackers to catch them! However, they said that they only catch women and do not catch hackers, and they will not go upstairs to catch! I can't find a place, and there is no evidence to catch a hacker! So basically it’s just hard to stand on the street! In short, everyone is going to play or be careful!