Guotai Spa next to Yongtai Subway Station

Venue: Guojiao Hotel
Address: next to Yongtai Subway Station
Consumption: bt298 kb348

Before I saw ly's report, there was a spa next to Exit A of Yongtai Metro. I just went there to do things today. I will try it in the afternoon, but it is easy to stabilize. I will see it behind the subway. The location is the second floor of the first floor of Guojiao Hotel, but it has been acquired by Tianchi. IKEA has changed its name to Tianchi Sauna Spa. Since I have to change the boss, of course,

I have to try it, so I will take the hand at the front desk and go into the shower. Anyway, the consumption items and prices are the same as the Tianchi of Qifu Road. Bt298kb348 but no qt. Since you have just changed the boss and there is no need for the minister to make an appointment, you can go to the inside of the Qifu Road Tianchi fruit side to arrange the order, you can just call the js on the line.