Xiaobai, 25 years old, rich second generation, heir to large

That's right, I should be the rich second generation in everyone's mouth.

I have been studying abroad since I was a child. Who said that studying abroad is very easy! The university I read is from 6 am to 12 pm every day. Most people are in the library. There is no chance of arrogance and extravagance!

This is a circle that you will be looked down upon if you don't work hard. People don't see that you have money and no money. It's just that you can't learn from your character.

And now the reason why many rich second generation come out to make money is poor. Really, you think we have money, but we all have money in this circle.

I have a few friends who have more money than me at home. I am a poor man. Wang Sicong has money, but he is still poor in the eyes of Zuckerberg.

And they all say that we show off our wealth, but there is no chance to show off with anyone.

People in the same circle can afford it. The circle lower than you may not know the brand you bought. You will feel LOW if you are older than you. For example, if you buy a sports car, you will find yourself particularly LOW.

Even more exasperating, people who have more money than my family work harder than me every day! They said that if they don't work hard, they will go home and inherit the family property.

The second generation is not a umbrella, but a shackle. The shackles are engraved with "You should be as good as your mom and dad."

The high starting point means that it will be very bad when it falls. As Liu Yu said, the sea is wide and the fish is flying, and the sky is high and the bird is flying. How do you know that it is not the sea?