ASST non-red card experience

Location: ASST
Address: Haizhu Bus Terminal
Consumption: 369

 I have been to ASST several times and tried several JS. The attitude is different. However, the overall situation is still OK. Here I will focus on the 3rd. She gives me the impression that I am very active, except for the real and the kiss. Outside (I guess, but I also had the idea of ​​trying to do it privately but didn't really ask her), except for the underwear, I have to do it, Z, 69, and B have no problem, tried 2 times. People are very NICE, and Cantonese and Cantonese are common, but the appearance of the body is normal (all JS lights are all clear and clear), AND requires a big wave of detours, the key department likes her service attitude and Service technology and massage techniques are very good, the fire and massage are all satisfied with me, the younger brother I tend to choose the service type.