Feng Tang: Who can't escape the Luoyang shovel of the tomb t

Others asked: "When is this jade?" I replied: "Western Han." The next most frequently heard question is: "How do you know that it is the Western Han Dynasty? Is it carved in the Western Han Dynasty?"

If you don't want to talk more, my standard answer is to ask: "How do you know that 'Heavenly White Jade, the fifth floor and the twelve cities. The immortal man cares for me, and ends with a longevity.' Is Tang poetry instead of Song poetry? I not only know This is Tang poetry, but also knows that this is Li Bai's poem, not Du Fu's poem."

If you want to talk more, I will talk about it from five aspects: jade, shape, ornamentation, knife, and twilight. Each dynasty has the characteristics of each dynasty.

Usually, I don't want to talk more.

In the range that can be tolerated, buy the highest price of ancient jade, do not buy the lowest price.

If you invest in ancient jade, the basic principles are similar to other investments. Buy good things at reasonable prices, don't buy cheap things. After eating and drinking, the guidelines for other behaviors are fun and happy.

Be a little bit guilty about yourself, don't be greedy and greedy. If you really like jade, you can only drink Erguotou, and the smoke will only be used to smoke Dubao. Only seven wolves will be worn in formal wear.

The ancient jade is owned by you, but it is only a temporary one. The ancient jade lives much longer than you, stay with you, and go with others.

As an adult, this point is to understand that everything goes by, life is lent to you, rice is God's reward, and all of us have the same ending, we will die for a long time.

Even if you emulate the Western Han Dynasty, when you die, hide the jade in various holes in your body (mouth, nostrils, eyes, ears, etc.), or escape the robbers of the tomb.

When you figure it out, 100% of your body's various holes disappeared. Those containing jade, eye cover, stuffy nose, earplugs and various covers are hard and hard.