Drinking with and Hakka Wang Mania 832

Consumption time: 2015-01-25 Hotel name: Hakka Wang Location: Tonghe has no contact information: No contact: Price: 338 Number of technicians: 30 Last night, I invited friends to eat in front of the same Hakka king, and ate a lot of lamb. After drinking a lot of white wine, the sperm worm went to the brain. I wanted to talk about the ZJ female behind, but the friend of the friend of the previous week was caught by the police, so I dare not go, look up at the Hakka king and kill it directly. The minister said that it would be half a set, mother, the minister said no, maybe the drinker rushed to the point, was pulled to the side and said, whispered, then asked me if I had been there before, the number on the number, I said you called 832 Come and see me, the minister is convinced. Waiting for half an hour, 832 hours, my brother, I went straight to the clock, I did not talk nonsense, directly pulled out the younger brother to let her blow, and engaged in 10 minutes, this woman said that drinking so much wine can not blow out, brother I said that you can blow it out with your heart. You can come out in half an hour. This woman is a little unwilling. I said that I can’t blow it out to my brother and I will come out soon. I will live and die. For this reason, the last brother, I stood up, younger brother. A mad mad at his mouth, I did not expect this woman to cooperate very well, the mouth is still very tight, delivery after 5 minutes. Contact, hotel name, friend, brother, technician