Huangcun, Che Yu, Yucun latest situation! ! ! !

Address: Huangcun, Che Yi, Zhu Ji, Yucun. . . . I won’t regret it, you deserve it!
Consumption: 50-100

  After Xi’s great stage, the good life of the wolf friends has become more and more difficult. Many prosperous holy places have disappeared, but the hundred-footed worms die without being stiff. Some people have rivers and lakes, and they are bored and go to Huangcun, Yucun Village. Talk about the situation, Huangcun is still the old place, Huangcun Hospital left the first alley to walk about 100 meters, there will be a few face value is not very good standing there (day and night), the requirements are not high Wolf friends can go and try, then go left and turn left into an alley. There will be after 10 o'clock in the daytime. There will be young younger sisters occasionally. There will be windy at the intersection. The experienced wolf friends will know if there is any inside. I have encountered a woman, full body, c+ face value is high, the degree of cooperation is also very high, not off the clothes 80, off the light 100, the water will call the bed, it is worth a try! Sometimes there are times when there are no hair salons in Huangcun, not blowing 150, blowing 180-200, the girls in the hair salon are younger, and the value is not bad.

   The alley behind the hibiscus Furong flourishes, but during the day, it’s aunt, there will be young at night, and the young one will be around 100;

   Zhu Ji has a lot of 3-9 lanes behind Zhuji Kindergarten. It is after 12 o'clock in the daytime to night. The price is around 60, but there are not many young people.

   Because of the current three, the village is very poor, the village is full of rubbish, next to the old-age cultural center, there are at least dozens of women, tall, thin, thin, young and mature, all day and night, the price is 50-80, but Young people will remind people, more stroll, will definitely find the right one, there are 100 friends who can say that there are no sets of shots, haha, afraid ~~~!